Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hello Jay.

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So yes, here is the last photo of my jaywalkers. Hence me keeping it home to finish the toe and what not.
- - -
Now onto the mopey student rant.
So did my English presentation, it went well. We had fun with it and we were the last group to go (people went wayyyy over 12 minutes) so everyone's brain was fried. We also had great reviews of it, that people enjoyed it and liked it. Which was fantastic (except for this one chick that needs to take the stick out of her, you know what and said we need to be 'professional' and blah blah blah, well with her presentation, they all stood next to each other, read her too detailed mess of an outline, and she never stopped talking, I learned nothing and honestly don't even remember it, so you know we got a better grade then her group did. Such a pain seriously.) But moving on~ lol

So classes are over with for the day. I was walking to the cafeteria for lunch.. yum lunch.
Then it hit me. Tomorrow is another day of classes.... TOMORROW~ I have my Special Education class... TOMORROW there is a major test.

I need to study for said test.... and booooooooo I kinda sorta pay attention in there, enough to have discussions about it, but have not memorized material to be tested on. Oi. u.u; totally killed the rest of my day.

But I have mac and cheese to munch on... >.>; I could have made better... this is bland. lol

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