Sunday, September 14, 2008

Da Baby!~

SSPX1484, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

So this baby blanket... is look realllllllllyyyyyy cute. :D I am happy I kept the yarn color, it is a nice shade of orange for... get this... a baby! ;p

But honestly the pattern is super simple with knits and purls, but I love how it looks in the end. Even Jimmy said he liked the color and how it looked! xD (now if only I could teach him to knit~ ;p lol.)

I am so excited on how quickly it is knitting up and am going to be thrilled to send it to Amber when it is done! :D I need to make more baby things and keep an eye out for those preggy momas~ ;D (yes I had sugar awhile ago).

I honestly want to keep on knitting... but alas I am procrastinating right now.... however I do not have as much work (two weeks worth) of homework to finish like last time. I only have one chapter to do and a 1 page field work essay. Simple enough.

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