Thursday, September 18, 2008

Where is Waldo... no wait Socks!?

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So today has brought some good news! :D

I went to my orthodontists appointment andddddd~~~ I go back in two weeks and get my braces taken off!!!! xD They took an 'impression' (twice, uck) of my upper teeth and they are going to send that off to get my retainer made! XDDDD I picked a 'cranberry' color, I was like oo sparkles... but then thought otherwise. ;p I am not 12 anymore. lol

But yes~ finally the retainer-o-fun. I will now have to work on speaking with a retainer in my mouth~. But honestly I won't mind too much. :) I am just thrilled that I will not have the braces anymore~ It has been about a bit over a year and a half... but that is fine~~~ I will have my braces off by Blizzcon too! How exciting. I get my braces removed Oct.3rd and my teeth cleaned (dentist) Oct 9th, then we leave for Anaheim (like a two hour drive max with traffic) on the 10th! xDDD So exciting~~ :D I am pretty good at not losing things, so I better now lose this retainer... we made our last payment for my braces last week. :D So exciting~

Then I am at home now, chilling with Socks. She wanted to go outside when I got home, so I let her run around.So cute~ The sprinklers are on, so she isn't too eager to be running around in the front. :)

Oh also! I am ALMOST finished reading The Historian!!~~ OMG This book is huge and it drags on in toooooooooo many details most of the time. But it has been good. Finally some excitement in the end of it~ lol But I am less then a hundred pages left and I should finish it today~ :D I have been eager to finish this book for awhile. I started reading it this summer... and am excited to be finishing it. Then I can read my other 'big' books at night, because I do not like carrying them with me out and about.

Ok Socks is getting a bit too hyper and attacked my wallet on the chair. I should get going. :)

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