Wednesday, October 1, 2008


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All alllllloooonnneeeee.

This place usually has one or two other people in it... but not today... or at least the past mornings I've been here alone. This is an old photo, but it even applies to today.

Psy Sped Test today. U.U;
I just finished the Chapter 5 Focus Questions, I am not sure if they are due today... but better safe then sorry.
But the Test is for sure happening and he has not given us much information on it, so that makes me nervous (along with the other students that have run into me, saying the same thing).

I shouldn't blog too much. I need to go through his powerpoints and memorize all the stuff I need to know. Fun fun.

However, after today, I get to chill for the weekend... plus my braces come off tomorrow morning! :D Very happy about that. Hurray for Retainer-O-Fun.

- - -
Oh as for knitting. I am still knitting up the wool sock when I have a few minutes of free time.
Then I have been doing swatches!!!! Same yarn, same pattern, just not reaching 4 inches... it calls for a size 5.... too small... I use a size 6... too small.... size 7 this morning... too small! So tonight I am going to use a size 8. Lol. I am glad Iam doing this though, verses doing the whole thing and having it be too tiny lol. I am also taking photos with my camera of each swatch and a measuring tape, so that will be fun to see the differences later.

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