Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Audio Books are amazing

socks kniting help, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

So I've discovered the wonders of audio books! I have always wanted to get more into it as time went by (and the tons of podcasts I had kept decreasing) but never wanted to dish out the $60 dollars or so at the book store! (Seriously, that $60 could be yarn! xD)

Then I discovered libiovox.com. Amazing. So what is great is that they also can give you small links to listen online of the audio of the book, before you download the entire thing. So I decided I want to 'read' Pride and Prejudice. There were three readers I could choose from! I chose the third person Karen S or something. So I did this yesterday.. and I am already on chapter 15! Amazing! xD Granted there are over 60 chapters, but still... one night I was able to knit tons and 'read' a book too! So great.

I already downloaded Sense and Sensibility and um Jane Eyre. Which is exciting! I've wanted to read these classics... and now I can! While getting my knitting done too! Two loves at a time!

- -
About the photo... I was knitting and listening to my audio book... and wanted to take a photo of the new bottle sock I've made for my water bottle. (My mom took my other one this past weekend, but I have it back now, I just need to wash it, soda got on it) But Socks was in my room this morning and wanted to be in the photo! So she jumped on my desk and put her face right into my hands (and camera). It was super cute.

Now if only I could teach my cats to knit... could you imagine how many blankets we would have around the house! xD Slave labor Cats! xD Make them earn their cat food and treats! ;D lol

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