Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Homework in AM

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This is how I do my homework~ or how I would love to do it each day.

Have Ravelry opened up, looking at my knitted goods~ xD With coffee in my pretty thermos and some yummy vanilla creme cookies. My dad would be proud, I bought a large black coffee (for $2!! Dx) and just added cream and sugar. It is decent.

I finished my English homework, that was in front of me. Which is great. I met with my classmate to talk over a few details for our presentation today (at noon). It should go well. I prefer going off the cuff and with this group we work well together doing such.

Knitting~ <3 I finished the baby blanket! However, the mother that I was going to give it to... I just cannot stand what she says now. I feel sad for her son (the mom is my age, one day older) to have to deal with his mom when he gets older. What she says and does now is just not fair. Especially to the babies father. They were 'together' and yet she broke up with him, because he gets her so 'pissed' etc. It's just so sad really, I feel bad for the guy, he never asked for this, especially to be treated like this. Now I know it is not an easy picnic for her either, being a mom at this age, but 'she wanted it' so like... ugh. There are just better ways to deal with a situation like this, being young, not married (she at least had the <3 of the guy through all of this), with a child. I've seen it growing up with my cousins having kids under the age of 18. It's tough, no matter how you go about it, but there are just 'easier' ways to handle it.

I asked my mom if she knew anyone that had a baby boy (since it is orange) at work. But then she suggested that I give to our church, which has a program called Tender Life, which is aid to mothers with babies that are alone etc and go to the church for help. They would appreciate it. Plus it being orange, it is themed for the season. I am just happy that it will go to someone who appreciates it. :D

Which reminds me, I need to send out my other charity knitting. xD lol I've had it put away for awhile now lol.

I was thinking of doing other homework before class... but opted not to, because I would need to check out a text book, and once I get settled to start, I will have to pack up and leave soon after to go to class. So blogging was a good alternative.
Today Jimmy, My mom, My Dad, and I are going to a Volante campaign social thingy (ie free munchies hopefully) today after school/work. Hopefully it will go well and Jimmy will not get attacked by old ladies wanting a nerd. I mentioned to him that "We should get you some paper for this even for you to write your info on. Because once those old ladies find out your a nerd and friendly, they will swarm to you like..... old ladies to.... sweaters." God it was a dumb joke! xD

Time to pack up soon, Have to get in the presentation mode. ;D

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