Saturday, October 18, 2008

Elections Training

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Elections Training is SUPER BORING. Granted that this is the what, 6th or 7th time I've done elections.

We (My mom, dad, and I) go to this each time we can, because they give us monies~~~~~ to go... plus the inspectors (my dad and myself) are required to attend these for each election.

So yeah... just like last time... I brought my knitting! xD

Made some decent progress on my wool sock... I started it last night for about 20 minutes... and am about 2 inches into the leg.

The training was boring... and omg they overcomplicated things, which confused new people and ugh... it just seems to get worse and worse. Then when my mom makes a suggestion (which is lagit, because we've learned over the years of what works and such), they treat her poorly and ignore what she says... which they do to everyone. So then my mother gets pissed/hurt half way through this (lunch break) because she takes it personally. Where as my dad and I are just annoyed because we've hated these people that run this for years. (Also my dad worked with the elections too, and the head chick talked so much crap about my dad that they did not hire him... when he did a lot of work and such.... so lame, Judith is dumb anyways).

Ok rambling.

Then afterwards, we went to school (CSUCI) and checked out the fiber event thing... and as I had worried, by the time I got there 3pm... they were closing up everything and packing stuff away. :( So that was a bust... and a bummer too.

However, I was able to come home earlier and play WoW with Jimmy and the guild and what not. So that was enjoyable.

I am just tired now... there is drama with my family and I about me not wanting to go back to work, at Best Buy. I am getting to the point that I just do not care anymore... because I am not going back... period the end. I wanted to quit 6 months ago and was turning in my two weeks... and they offered me the extension as an offer if I wanted to come back... and I still do not want to come back. Simple as that.
No more rambling for the night. I am going to knit a bit and then go to bed.

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