Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mail <3's me

Well Classes today, eh... I got through them with out any scratches (or wrinkles ;P).

There was a sale at the book store of crewneck sweatshirts~ So Jimmy and I bought two... one gray and red for each of us (came out to $30, which is a steal when zip up hoodies are above $60!).

Then I come home today to a package from Canadia (joke) Canda! My free sock knitting book!!! :D


Book <3! CSUCI! lol xD

I adore it of course! It is filled with beautiful and informative photos! Plus half of the materials used (ie needles/yarn) I use too! Like the knit picks circs and everything! So that is an extra perk, also it was signed too~ :) I feel so honored and lucky in winning that drawning~ Thank you Laura! (cosmicpluto).

I go to dinner with my parents. Come home, cold wishing I had bought my new sweatshirt. (It has been warm during the day and dusty due to the fires... there was one kinda close to the school, that closed the PCH (Highway 1) today, which is about 10 minutes away from the campus.)

Then we cannot find Socks (the young kitten) in the yard and it is dark. So Alex and I are walking around the front and back yard calling Socks, shaking kitty treats (and Faye comes to get some of course) and the UPS guy comes up to the gate and has my Falling for Ewe Yarn swap!!! :DDDD I had talked to swappie about that I should expect it today... and it did come! :D

So fun. Here are the lovely photos. It came with awesome Heathered Cascade 220 yarn! Plus a lovely coffee mug (I always <3 those), with two packets of orange hot chocolate (yum and interesting), some lovely candles (and I was just looking for some last night too), a beautiful card (which is going on my wall of cards!), some halloween candy (which some are too interesting where I have to try them!), plus some TWIZZLERS!! (steal my heard why don't you! ;D), and last but not least an ADORABLE kittnen halloween snow globe dressed as a bat (which is Faye completely, she bites all year round lol, now I just need to make her some wings lol)

total package

Overall it is a lovely themed Halloween swap package and they are all stuff I love and have cute twists on them! Plus the Cascade 22o heathered, I had eyed this type of yarn at my lys and wondered when I would buy some one day! ;D


So today, was fantastic. :) I am very happy. Time to munch on some twizzlers now~.... after I beat up Socks for a bit.... Ah she is attacking my Twizzlers! lol ;D Thank you everyone! :D

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