Tuesday, October 28, 2008


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Plus Hungry!

So I just had 1 class today. My English class and my group went last. No biggy. However all the other presentations TOOK FOREVER not in a bad way, they actually had outstanding activities and some were a lot of fun. Also in comparison to our presentation, hah! there was no comparison. These presentations had tons of hand outs, directions, relation to their text, some made board games, using different languages, scavenger hunts, etc. They were impressive. Our's was rather simple... and when comparing, kinda dull to theirs.

However, with all the other presentations taking forever, we only had 20 minutes (the allowed time *ahem*) to do our presentation, before the class was over. So even though we were limited to time exactly, we knew from the beginning we were not going to go over it. So we do our 'activities' to convey our points and are done.

Except one group, bailens group *grumble grumble* somehow did not understand the directions, and had to 'make it known' on their turn that the directions were not 'clear' *my ass* and yet still did the required response correctly. Yeah. Rip our group a new one... even without comment cards. Nice. Yet everyone understood it clearly. Right. Whatever. The other presentations blew theirs out of the water anyways. Their presentation only made sense to me because Heather (the other Heather lol) gave lots of examples that it clicked. Otherwise I was lost. What-ev. lol

Moving on. I am exhausted (mentally) with all these presentations being so 'active'. That I do not want to even bother with homework. Yet I know I have my Psy homework due tomorrow. Stupid crap, in moving everything around. ugh.

Also I am hungry. But we are going to the Volante thing... and there is hope (hopefully ><:) that there will be food. *crosses fingers* I am attacking that snack area like no tomorrow.

I want to sleeeeepp... and skip the psy class. Because then I have to talk to my team mates in planing our presentation for THAT class... in two weeks. ugh.

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