Monday, October 6, 2008

Sock's posing

socks pose, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

She is very cute, isn't she. :D

Her eyes are such a pretty hint of green. It is a bummer that she had reddish/brown fur when we first found her, and it has turned into a deep brown with very subtle stripes. But she is still adorable overall... and a pain to sleep with at night. Every night she wakes me up wanting to 'cuddle' with my face and I have to keep pushing her away. Cute but oi a pain when I am tired.

- - -
I skipped science class today... because 1 there was a quiz I had no clue about, and did not want to take it and 2 there is some stuff I need to get done for psy (even though I could have finished it before class) lol. (Also for science, she dropps the two lowest scores... so I have two missed quizzes, and they will be dropped come grade time. So it works out)
- - -

This morning was nice~~~~~
This week they are promoting 'the ride share program' for school... in having a free $100 dollar gas card contest, and free goodies at the bus stop. Then they had a spinning instant prize paper thing.... and I snagged a paper and it was a free thermus! xDDDD Same type as the one my dad has (that I used, but I think I tweeked the seal >.>;) but it is a bit smaller (which is nice) and A PRETTY RED! XDDD

So I am thrilled. I also have a free bottle of water and some fruit snacks~ :D Great day to start the morning. :) That and looking at yarn/knitting stuff online, verses being in a boringgggg science class. lol (Also I am not too concerned of being 'behind' in this class... its simple material, and the tests/quizzes are not hard at all)
- - -
Oh other thrilling news~ BLIZZCON~~~~~ 3 DAYS AWAY!!! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!! xDDDDD

Oh and my knit picks order should be coming today, or tomorrow~~ xDDDDDD So exciting. I am going to figure out what size CO I need for Jimmy's foot, and cast on and see if I can figure out Magic Loop (which seems ideal for on the go knitting, no dpns lost or circs clicking, however I loveee those two methods too~ dpns = relaxing, circs = fun and exciting plus awesome trying on all the time)
- - -
I should get my paper done lol.

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