Wednesday, January 21, 2009

School has started

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The photo is not mine, but something I took from the CSUCI bookstore website. I am just a fan of the photos that they took around campus.
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So today is my second day of classes. Which is a-ok really.

Yesterday (Tuesday) I watched the Presidential inauguration with Jimmy in our library. There were a ton of people. I have photos, but don't have my laptop with me to upload them (ie sd card reader).

I was late to my Geology 300 class... but that is fine. Lecture is lecture and the powerpoint is online. Then the lab was fine. I think I will enjoy that class.

Then I went to my Edu 510 class... Child Diversity/Multi Culture, etc. That will be an interesting class. We are required to go to the Museum of Tolerance (in LA) for the class, which I am excited about! I have not been there since oh I think 8th grade and even at that age it was so moving (plus so sad =( so sad). But that will be in April.

This morning I went to my Edu 320 class, Intro to Teaching... I think it will be a simple class (not simple in material, but in effort from me) so that is nice. The teacher is humorous which helps.

Next (at 3pm) I have my Historian's Craft class... we will see how it goes. I hope it is not so paper oriented in grading... because he is difficult to write papers for, in that he likes/grades nicer to papers similar to his own opinion. So what can you do, I've had him before in a basic history class.

I spent an hour today (waiting for Jimmy to get out of work for lunch) looking online at cheaper prices for my text books. So even with the cheaper books, I did the math and added up the estimated total:

$380 dollars!!!!! For 10 books! ><;

Some of these text books, are for sale at the book store for like $130 and I am getting them online for $60-$80... so like I am saving pretty pennies really. Ugh, I just dislike how expensive these books are, regardless that I have financial aid to compensate for these.

No has ever said College is cheap~ ;P

I am going to go relax or something, I just feel so tense right now.

Oh, I haven't done much knitting as of late. I knit 3 rows in my mothers sock in my purse today, during a class break. Other then that, nothing much. :(

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