Friday, January 9, 2009

Head desk

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If that food bowl was a desk... I my head would be planted on it. u.u;
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Faye doing what she does best... shoving her face into her food. <3
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So I've taken about 2 practice tests.... for the CSET... and I am getting scores that are borderline 57% to 61% (off by one question!) for each section.

Ideally, you want to get at LEAST 60% for each section (2 sections, LA and Hist) and then 2 (out of 3)'s on each of the essay (4 total). to pass.

220 points out of 300.

I am borderline between the not passing and passing. u.u;

I do not wish to take this test again... but I worry I may have to. Granted the test is 52 Multiple choice Questions (26 each) and then 4 essay (2 for each section). So it is not pain painstakingly long.... but some of these questions are ridiculously detailed.

Here is a fun sample:
A first-grade teacher notices that one of her students is struggling with reading. He is in the lowest achieving reading group and the teacher has tried some strategies to improve his reading, but he seems to not make any progress. What are the next steps the teacher should take in working with this student?

A. Assess his reading and target instruction to meet identified skill needs. In addition, keep anecdotal records of reading behavior and communicate with parents to gain assistance.
B. Request the help of any specialists, such as the reading specialist, resource specialist, or counselor, at the school to make a joint decision on how to best help the student.
C. Send home more homework for the child to practice reading skills at home with his parents.
D. Read more often with the child to encourage him and increase his confidence level; have the child do additional work with volunteers or peer tutors, and provide for reading time with more capable students so that he can see a good example.

- - - I originally thought, ok... in a realistic situation... D is probably the most P.C. way of doing it.... and can in reality be done. I just took a course in Second language acquisition in how peer groupings can benefit the students in learning yada yada.

Well guess what the answer is........ A!

Yeah.... seriously. Because when I have a classroom of 30-35 first graders.... I have time to assess his reading to meet the exact skill needs. Plus keep anecdotal records of his reading skills.... and of course parents alwaysssss have the time to assist, when both parents are working and get home close to 6pm and bed time is 8pm.

Also I have yet to even go into the history and social science section. u.u; I don't even want to go into that one.

I should get ready for bed honestly. The test is at 7:15am tomorrow... I have about a 45 minute drive to get there... so I am leaving at around 5:30am (waking up at 5am) and having breakfast by the high school (which apparently on google maps is in the middle of no where. u.u; oi).

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