Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Stuffed Condor

Stuffed Condor, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

Finally, this semester seems to have settled in. I have had my first 'accomplished' day since classes have started.

This semester is going to be a TON of reading... more then I have had before.... seriously. These classes depend on our reading the material from the textbooks etc. There is no way around it. Which is good... but man... seriously time intensive. ( I am starting to wonder when I would have time for WoW, I may suspend my account again. *sad face*)

Work is also taking time... 15 hours a week about. I am kind of in limbo with work. I am hired, ready to go to OCC but... the STEM Center there is not completed... which is the place I would be working. So I cannot go to the campus and do my job... until that center is completed. I have been keeping busy on campus, in the office creating Advising documents that I can use later on.

- - -
Lots of knitting is getting done tough! It is the only thing I can just bust out and relax for a while between classes or during some lectures.

I am knitting my very own Winding Rivers Cowl:

Plus, I am part of a Dishcloth KAL, for KrisKnits:
(I am waiting for the rest of January's directions... I already figured out what it is! :D)

I then have an order placed with KnitPicks.com for Jimmy's Japan Scarf. I am using the Cerus Scarf pattern:

Jimmy picked out the yarn, we are using Swish dk in Storm and Marble Heather colors. :D I am knitting this for the Ravelymics. I have joined Team Knitmore:

I also finished the IHeart Toe up Socks, for the Wendy Knits KAL too.
They came out ok, only downside is that there was a knot in the 100 gram ball, and the dyelot completely changed. So I am going to spend an afternoon doing some dying (Koolaid probably) to help it kind of match the rest of the sock and the first one.

I am going to be doing the Heats and Flower Sock for this month too!
I am going to use the other 100 gram ball of Knit Picks Essential Kettle Dyed yarn, in the Ivy colorway. For my mother! :D I bought that yarn to knit her a pair of socks. :D I hope she likes it and doesn't mind the lace work.

I will also do February's KrisKnit's Cloth KAL... whenever she finishes posting the Jan. Cloth and starts the Feb. Pattern.
- - -

Today is going ok thus far. I got 9 out of 10 correct on my History/Econ course... where I was frantically studying for this morning. I will not slack again~ it is too much material.

I also have appointment at the Student Health Center to see about another type of medication (beyond the antibiotics they gave me a week ago) that I can take for my chest congestion. They were talking about an inhaler medication, and every 'nurse' type relative I have, suggested the same thing. So step 2 of meds for me please.

Umm, I picked up my work 'Student Outreach Advisor' polo shirt today ... it looks good~ and l like the red! ;D

Oh! I have something exciting to mention! I PASSED my LAST 2 CSETS!!!! :D I got the online scores yesterday~~ So that means I am DONE with all my STATE TESTING~~~ for the Teaching Credential program~~~~ THANK GOODNESS~ xD I am so excited about that. Now I can look forward into getting the rest of the application requirements met for Credential program. My To-Do list keeps getting bigger and bigger. However, since I have taken all of the pre-reqs, a lot of the list is already checked off. I.e I have taken my TB test, the Fingerprint scan/background check... etc. I am getting there~ :D

I also added my last NEEDED class~ this morning. History of Chicano Art... for me to graduate. I sadly made a mistake in my schedule and did not have one last upper division history course.... otherwise I would not have graduated!!!! ><; I cannot believe I missed that and made that mistake. Fml. But I figured it out and fixed it... and this teacher is kind of a trip in her passion for the subject... but she is good... no joke. I am going to like this course. It may kick my butt, as will the rest of my classes... but I will take it... haha.
- - -

Umm... Oh I should probably mention the bird in the glass case. It is a stuffed condor that is on display in our Library, from OCC. OCC works in a condor preservation group ( I remember when it started I knew a girl that was working on it) and this is one of the birds they released into the wild... and sadly died. :( It drank anti-freeze, so it was poisoned. Poor thing. But... LOOK AT THE SIZE OF IT! I took the photo intentionally took the photo with the person next to the bird, just to compare the size~ Crazy. This condor was only 1 year old! O.o; I didn't know birds got this big! This is far different in comparison to my turtle neck doves and thinking pigeons were big birds. lol
- - -

I should end this and get to writing some emails. I need to get some paperwork filled out for my field experience work for the application requirements. :) I love feeling productive... its depressing otherwise.


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