Sunday, July 12, 2009

Time to catch up

So it has been awhile.

I know this. I have been busy. I have been helping with the Alumni Association at my school. Making calls, setting up mailers and creating both a facebook group and linked in profile for the association. Which has been fun.

I haven't forgotten about my knitting though. I finished the baby jacket for the fair. I have plans of also making an infant hat to enter too. So I have several things in the works.

I went to Anime Expo with Jimmy on July 1st-5th in LA. So that was a lot of fun! I brought along some sock knitting with me! I pretty much completed the cuffs and legs of both socks. 

But probably the most exciting this I have going on right now is an item I have owned for 3 days. 

A brand new Palm Pre! :D It is so amazing I love having a smart phone. This phone rivels the Iphone. Even Jimmy is some what jealous over some of the features this phone has. I adore this smart phone so much... That Iam even using it to type out this blog post now! Iam stillgetting used to the key board right now, but Iam enjoying it. 

Iam also really using twitter now. Where as before I kind of just messed with it in class once in a blue moon. Now I check it all the time! So  follow me if you want. Iam still figuring out how to do photos in my twitter posts, but I am getting there! :D My screen name is HSailorMoon 

I guess that is it for now. Next major step on this phone is to put photos on blogger here. Baby steps right now.

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