Friday, June 12, 2009


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Missing In Action.

Yep... I can admit that... I haven't blogged... in quite some time *ahem* almost a month.

School has ended, I did well... 4 A's... and 1 B (which I am having issues with the teacher in 'fixing' this grade... she 'lost' one of my final papers... and emailed me asking if I had 'turned it in'... of course I did!.... so she is having to do some paperwork to fix it... but had knee surgery last week... and I haven't heard from her for a week... so I am nervous. But you get 7 weeks after the grades are turned in to 'edit' them... so she better change that stupid C to my rightful B! *grumble grumble*).

- - -
I have been knitting like a mad women though! :D I have finished the Pomatomus socks (and my Farmor loved them, she swears she will never wear them... >.>;).

I have knit and completed one of Cookie A's sock patterns from her book, Glynis (and they look amazing!) in Malabrigo sock! :D

I am also half way (both socks at the heel) in another Cookie A's pattern Elynis (from the book), for my Aunt Jennie.

I am also about 3/4th's done with another Cookie A's pattern (from the book), Sunshine, for myself for another KAL on Ravelry (the first one... let's just say FAILED in terms of their crazy, and too many, rules).

I haven't taken much photos of my knitting... but I will do that soon~.
- - -
I also raided my local library for audio books... and omg they are amazing! :D

Plus I have been playing WoW these past few days... so my summer vacation... is doing quite well. :D
- - -
Alright, I have to go pick up some dinner for everyone... I will be posting sooner~ rather then later. ;D

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