Thursday, June 18, 2009

So what have I been up to?!

Well, Knitting wise... a lot! :D

This is what I have been working on since school has ended.
all my knitting atm

This guy, is going to be a Fair Entry! (our County fair is comming up soon)
It is a baby (newborn) jacket. Eyelet Baby Cardi (rav link).
start of baby jacket
I am enjoying this. :D Plus it will go by quickly... and I can 'say' I have knit a 'jacket' before~ xD

Does this scarf look familiar~ Well it should. This is the green Palindrome scarf (rav link), the same yarn and color I used for making my friend Andrew's scarf last year. :D (I had an extra skein left over).
entry scarf
This small scarf is going to be another Fair entry, since I knew that all my friends liked them, I thought why not enter it! :D I finished this in 2 - 3 days. :D

Now these pretty socks are part of the Sock Innovation KAL that I joined. Sunshine (rav link) from Cookie A's Sock Innovation (rav link)
I am really liking this pattern and I was able to use some sock yarn from, swaps I did last year!! :D It came out so pretty, the pooling is a bit different with each sock... the most complete one has some type of stripes, where as the other sock does not and the purples are a bit lighter too. Either way~ I like them! These may or may not be a Fair Entry... I can only enter 1 knit item per class, and socks are their own class... so I am going to have to choose which pair of socks to enter. *cry*.

This sock is from Juno Fibre Arts, Buffy Sock (rav link) I love her etsy store! The color way is Alchemy (it was one of a kind! so I had to snag it!) I have to say I love BFL and I love the colors and I love the yarn, she is one of my fave etsy sellers! I always check what new stuff she has! :D
alchemy colorway sock
Just a typical 64 CO sock. I have the basic pattern memorized really. :D I have the other cuff finished and is in the red 'bag' in the top photo (I do my socks in sections at the same time, if I can, as to get them done faster and at the same time).

Then here are the completed Glynis (rav link) socks from, once again Cookie A's Sock Innovation. I love the fit. These are also up for dibs to enter for the Fair. I am going to have my family vote as to which ones to enter, later this month. Entries are all due July 24-26th.

- - - -
Let's see, the other part of my life (besides knitting)... school.

I went to the campus yesterday (to have lunch and see Jimmy~ he just got back from Virginia for 2 weeks) and went by the Edu department and got my grade changed 'finished' turns out the teacher was there that morning and even though I missed her, she changed it later that day (I left a note, so I am thinking she forgot boo).

Then I met up with two school (Deans office ppl) contacts that my Dad knows through various meetings or what not... and has been wanting me to meet them. Turns out one of them needs help for the summer... and my Dad suggested I could do it (and besides my knitting, I am not doing much). So I am volenteering to help at the Deans office for the summer. :D So that will be a lot of fun! ^^* All I need is a parking permit and I am set~ :D

I signed up for my classes next semeter... I am taking my two field experience (in the classroom) classes (which are lonngggg days) M and W. Then nothing Tuesday. Thursday I am taking a Child health class, and then ending (late boo 6-8pm) with my Capstone course! So I am going to be sooooooo busy this semester, it is not even funny. But then in Spring... all I have left to finish to graduate is Spanish and 2 emphasis classes~ So then I will have completed my BA... and all the pre-reqs for the Credential Program. Then I will have another year at CSUCI to finish that! xD So close~
Oh and then I end with this, I love having Jimmy back home!
I wanted a cookie, omg I wanted a cookie so bad... and we were going back to his house... so I said 'lets go to vons!' and I bought my cookies (sugar cookies in the small bag to the left)... and then omg the Oatmeal creme pies (debbie bliss) were on sale, so my brother will now worship me for buying those.

Then after I was done checking out, Jimmy had 'checked' on something... and FOUND IT!!!! I had been looking everywhere, just to see the World of Warcraft 'Game Fuel' sodas!!! xD Plus, it was ON SALE~ Buy 2 boxes and get 3 FREE!!!! Could not pass that up~ So we bought 5... We split them, I have 2 Horde (red) and 1 Alliance (blue) and Jimmy has 1 of each (he bought some in Virgina too, so this is my first time having it! :D)

See~ how cool we are~ ;D I cannot wait for Blizzcon in August.

Summer plans:
July 1st-5th Anime Expo!!! LA.
July 20-24th Disneyland!!! Anaheim. (with Jimmy's family)
August ?th- ?th (I forget) BLIZZCON!!! Anaheim.

I love conventions and stuff~ :D Maybe this year or next year~ I can squeeze a Knitting con or something into my schedule, oh one could dream!:D

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