Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Look what I got!!! xDDDDDDD

Tofutsies!!!! xDDD
Colorway 722 xD

and~~~ those knitting needles... they are bryspun dpns~ xD

xDDD I was out doing errands with my dad and asked if we could stop by our local yarn store~~~ xDDDDD So we did~~~ xDDDD

So I picked out these~~ the needles are great they are bendable enough but are not cheapy and going to break. (that and I did not want the bamboo needles, I avoid those on dpns, circs are fine) xDDDD


I have some other cutesy photos of it, doing a gauge swatch and starting my sock on the needles... but I can't upload them right now. ...
Reason being... Alex and Mora (his friend) are playing WoW and I 'cannot' upload anything right now. Three computers on the wifi is making it 'lag' booo. Oh well~ something else to post tonight! xDDDDDDDD <3333333333333

This yarn is soooo cute!

Ok time to keep knitting~~ :D Jimmy is going to come get me soon~ ^^* YAY YARN! :DDDDDD

Now I am at Jimmy's... and I can upload away~

While he works on his project like the good student he is~ xD <3

So here is a gauge swatch that I did... it is only little more then a one inch by one inch. 10 stitches.

:D It should be like this with a size one needle... but I knit tightly apparently~ ^^; So I upped the knitting to size twos~ <3333

Then the pretty pictures~ xD

and my favorite swatch photo~

Then what I started before I left the house <33333 on top of my lap top~

<3 the knitting~ :D

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