Sunday, June 15, 2008

I need to do photos soon

I need to start utilizing this blog... honestly.

I created this blog, because I know most of the people on my livejournal (mostly my boyfriend's, friends)check it etc. Which is fine... but do they care what I knitted, or the lovely socks I am working on, or what I am doing with my stash yarn that I need to use up? No... probably not.

Like let's see... I finished Faye's cat bed... I am going to knit up mats for her to sleep on, on the couches... I have that much yarn left over... gotta love red-heard super saver size. Hehe, I get most of my 'stash' yarn (ie acrylic) from thrift stores my mom goes to and she picks them up for me. She enjoys it and I don't mind the extra stuff to work on.

Oh and my dad gave me this shelf thing that is mostly for cds/dvds.... I made it into a display shelf (its a pretty shelf really) for yarn and what not. I love it! I took a photo... Tomorrow will be uploading day I think... they are on my desktop... and then some are on the camera still.

I took photos of my sock knitting at the Angels game, hehe I had seen people do that on vacations and I thought it was cute. Socks on travel! ;D Talk about well rounded... haha... yeah cheesy I agree, but it's cute.

I went by work (best buy) with my parents and Alex.... we were going to upgrade the family to verizon.... but nooooo sprint is a pain the assmar... to get out of contract with... and yeah... Alex just got sick of the mess... and threw out the idea, why don't we just all stay with sprint. I am fine with that.

So Alex was the only one able to really upgrade and not deal with the contract length... and he got the palm centro!!!! xDDD I want that phone so much~ but the pink one! Alex got the black one... and he likes it. He said it best in saying that I am probably more excited about it then he is. All I know is that he better treat this phone better then he did the last one... brat. (granted that my brother is going to be 25 this year... yeah seriously.) However, this is a better phone for him, once he graduates this next semester with his mechanical engineering degree it will be a good phone for him/pda as a 'grown up phone' So that is good for him.

Hmm, ok Jon has called... time to stop rambling for now.

Oh I hit level 70 in World of Warcraft!!!! :D Fantastic, I love my holy paladin so much~ I love that game.

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