Monday, June 30, 2008

Knit picks <3

Oh Knit Picks, how I love thee~ hehe

So I am trying to plan out my secret swap gifts ahead of time, so I won't be 'omg deadline' in sending everything out~ xP

So I decided, hmmm I will check Knit picks site again at their books... since they have a 40% sale!! (super amazing! xD and $5 dollars shipping pshhh awesome site)

Then I remembered that I am wanting to pick up some dark green super wash yarn for my mom's socks... and I was like oooo Essentials has kettle dyed ooo pretty...

Then I add all the things I want (xD) and what I would want to get for the swap thing.... oi... let's just say it would total free shipping. xP

But oh my gosh.... The sale ends August, so I totally have time~ xD (for the books) But honestly~ These two are like *drool* for me... The Vogue knitting ultimate guide for socks, I've seen pop up again and again. I have pretty much mastered (I feel) the regular stokinette pattern sock (even though I adore knitting them too! xD, so easy so fun!) I am hoping to get into more 'pretty' patterns later on. This book seems like it has a lot of those.... so maybe~

But what I thought was realllllllyyyyy cool was something I had not seen really before. Knitting America !!!
So how cool is that right? It goes through the history of knitting here in the good ole' Us of a. I really liked the 'Book of yarn' thing I bought a few months ago because of all the information it has just about yarn~~ so to have this book be about ~ knitting! and how it has changed through out the years and what not... super cool. I am a fan. But alas eventually I will get these guys later on maybe.

Right now my main money focus is to conserve~~~ xP I have Anime Expo to go to this week!!!! 3 MORE DAY! Oh so amazing. I am going with Jimmy (which will be great just being the two of us, less stress that way too). So that will be a pretty penny spent, we got free press passes, which is great, so free ticket, now its just spending money at the con and food (but Iam so going to be pigging out at the continental breakfast they give... and pick up subway next to the hotel for lunch (hurray tuna! xD and for less then five bucks! xD yum). So I don't think I will get too shafted on spending tons of money on food. (also I heard last year press rooms had munchies in them, I am so going there too!) LA Downtown will be fun.

However, then soon after all of that, DISNEYLAND! Jimmy's family is coming from Virginia next month (July) to visit and stay awhile, and these Disney Junkies use to have season passes all year round when they lived here.... so every time they visit they have a Disneyland trip. Well after dating Jimmy for 3 years! (so crazy) I am finally am going to tag along on their invite. (I have been invited every year, it is just I never got the approval of my parents to go, which is fine, after 3 years, I think we know the family now well enough ;) <3)

So I am going to be spending a pretty penny this summer... but you know what~ I think I deserve it. (and yes I am stroking my ego in saying that. ;p lol)

Back to finishing my dad's last sock (for the pair)! Today's goals are to figure out how to use a French press for coffee (the instant is really bad, and I forgot my dad won a french press back in the day! hurray for the good ground coffee we have and not needing to make tons of cups of it with the coffee machine!). Watch/catch up on the Peach Girl Anime on the dvr, and FINISH~ my dad's socks!

So then I can start knitting up the pretty pretty pretty pretty~ sock yarn I got in this swap. I saw the hank and was like oooo fancy pretty... but then as I wound it into a skein... OMG BEAUTIFUL! The colors look amazing as it goes and changes so often! I adore the swatch I did. I already have the pattern for this sock by my bed (oh it is going to be pretty~) But then I will have two sets of dpns free to first start the pretty sock at home... but then have the easy sock (stockinette) to bring (and start) at Anime Expo!!! :D Long lines and waiting bother me no more! :D Tofutsies, is great. I love how it knits up so easily and does all the 'pretty' work on it's own! :D So fun

Time to stop rambling.

Oh and the photos of my loverly swap, that I received on Friday are on my Flickr account!

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