Thursday, June 12, 2008

Swap oh noes~

So last time I did a swap, was for this college group thing on ravelry. Well to put it lightly, I got a flake. The Moderators were bummed that I got a flake of a partner (which I thought was lame myself)... but I did receive a package from her (and a very poor quality one at that oi ><:) and honestly threw away half of the items. *I know sounds rude huh, but it's not* The scarf was a complete mess and acrylic... I thought of ripping it out for the yarn, but decided not to, I have lots of pretty acrylic yarn to use up myself. I ate the starbursts (which was honestly the best part), tossed the poor less then dollar store quality kid sun glasses away, they had old glue from a glue gun on it. Then I have this 'utterly smooth' utter cream (lotion).... eh... that's a good thing I guess... it was designed orginally for a cows utter.... but they turned it into a hand body lotion... ok odd but works. Then I have this 'Unidentified yarn' in a pink soft type... yeah... I may knit with it... I dunno, or it may go to the good will eventually with my other (omg what am I going to do with this mess) yarns.

Honestly, I sent her a greatttttt gift package. Hopefully the link works, its on the ravelry forums:
So she was the first to get the package (in the whole group) on page 3, and I posted photos on page 4. Because I sent it out on time... I didn't get any type of response from her about when I should be expecting my package for TWO MONTHS! Oi ><: Then I get this mess of a package... also the letter she sent me was typed... with tonssss of errors and spelling mistakes. Kinda ruined my excitement on a swap really.

But!!!! There is a brighter side~ :D This new summer swap!

Turns out people are all ready getting items! How exciting! I am sooo excited for this swap, it seems like a great deal. I am already looking at items for my swap partner (who I have yet to email, I need to do that, and just do a bit of chit chat~)
The great thing is that my partner has an amazon wishlist... so I have a good idea what she wants from there. My reason for this whole post... is that I forgot~~~~ to put a link to my loopyewe wishlist on here! xD Opps. Also since people are getting the packages, I feel rushed now to put it on here, (Time seriously goes by wayyyy too quickly.) So I guess I should put the link up and stop rambling eh?! xD

It's a link to my livejournal, which has the true link to the wishlist~ xP If anything, just look at the gorgeous colorways! xDDDD I am so excited~ ^^* I want to be a loopy groupie sooner or later~ ^^*

I need to get going, my friend Sonya asked me to tag along with her as she goes for an interview in Santa Barbara. I need to get ready (and bring my sock knitting of course with me! <3) and let my parents know. (she orginally called me at 11pm last night... and I texted her at 5am (I woke up at 5am) and she just called me at 6:30am) Yep early birds. ^^*

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