Monday, June 9, 2008

Yum poptart :D

So I am going to an Angels game with Jimmy, Matt, and Matt's family. :D

Yay~ I enjoy watching baseball at the park.

However... now what am I to do about what to bring with me to knit?!??! xD I was thinking, oh I can work on my sleeves for my Roam jacket... but then I realized... I will probably run out of yarn... >.>; since I double thread it, I already used up my pile of yarn for this... Oi. I thought I had bought more at the beginning of this year. So now I will be having to go to Micheals each week to pick up more yarn. ><; It is such a small compacted ball of yarn... I feel lame when I spend like 3-4 dollars... but thats really cheap honestly. I am into sock knitting... a 50 gram skein isn't new to me! :P Why am I complaining~ lol

So~ I decided I will bring the sleeves... but will work on it mostly in the car... especially since I am working on both sleeves on one circ... and that I have two balls of yarn to deal with. Then I will bring my second red wool sock with me in its cute little holder and knit that at the game. Hopefully I can do well~ its plain stockinete... I am just thinking of I dont want to mess up on it here or there... or put tooooooo much attention to the details. Like picking up the sts for the heel its a bit of a focus thing. I will be fine~ :D This is like my 5th or 6th sock I've done, I can do this~ :D I have yet to get into any complicated patterns yet hehe. I <3 it~

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