Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas decor

xmasdecor2, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

So this is as 'christmas-y' as we get. :D

I found the lights in the garage in a small box when I was digging for blankets (it is getting colder at night).

We had found our 'tree chicken' at a thrift store earlier this fall and since it is a tea light candle holder, we have this little led bulb that fits perfectly.

I left the lights on for like an hour tonight and unpluged them... lol electricity~~~~~~

If you didn't notice, we have a 'chicken collection' lol It started with the two center chickens on the top when I was younger. Then when we moved to this house and had chickens 'live with us' my dad and mom have had a fun collection growing of chicken stuff.

My Christmas knitting is so not going to be finished... but you know what, I sent out Andrew and Adrienne's scarves the other day... and the rsest is for my mom. Socks and a shawl, Iam half way done with the shawl.

So I am pleased with the outcome. :)

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Jocelyn said...

Love the chicken tree!