Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Xmas => New Year?

Starbucks decor, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

I swear the holiday season always have me baffled and confused... but that's its own thing.

Christmas... nothing major happened, went and saw family. So that was nice.

New Years? Not much going to happen. I know I am going to finish my mother's shawl today so that is excited. Now I am getting nervous that it is not long enough... so we will see. Hopefully.

Um. Oh Andrew and Adrienne got their scarves yesterday! xD So that was excited they called me on speakerphone last night and it was so nice to hear from them! :) They loved their scarves and were like 'you should sell them etc' lol.

I do however have another gift project that I need to do soon... my friend (and Jimmy's) Jon in Seattle. He is to get two gifts. a Dark blue neckwarmer and a Black palindrome scarf! :D I asked him what colors he likes to wear and he told me he has a dark blue and white cashmere scarf and he would like a dark blue and black scarf.... um yeah no I like the 1 colored scarves really. So hence the two items. Everyone I think needs a black scarf. ;D Then the dark blue neckwarmer will be nice... and shorter to do. xD I've never done one so I need to figure out what info I need.

So I need to dash to Micheals and buy a half ton of yarn for gifts etc. I should look at patterns I like and what would be a good yarn option. :D Oh Ravelry how I love thee. ;D

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Jocelyn said...

Happy New Year to you!
Funny that Starbucks uses the same decor in their shop anywhere in the world. We have those balls of green yarn and the dove too here in Dubai.

Happy knititng in 2009.