Monday, December 15, 2008

End of Falling For Ewe Autumn Yarn Swap

I got my last swap package!!! :D So great! My swap partner was [blkmagikwmn2000] (whom I had snooped around and figured out during the swap xD)

This package is absolutely fantastic!
There is so much stuff! Where to begin?!

Let's start with the yarn:

4 balls of Knit Picks Twist yarn (novelty). (which is perfect because I was just thinking of getting some more, for cat toys and cutesy things :D)
1 hank of Berroco Ultra Alpaca in a beautiful deep red (which I adore the color and alpaca is seriously soft!)

Then the other goodies:

A thermos!!! (which I am loving to use since the weather is getting colder!), two delicious packets of hot chocolate mix! (French Vanilla and Mint~ xD Yum), some gummies! (teddy bears, which are opened and being munched on as I type and a cola/soda gummy, which looks appealing), beautiful deep red notecards (I love notecards!), and a magnetic beautiful list sheet (which I need to start using right away!).

Now my two favorite things among these goodies are the
FELTED CAT PURSE! xD Absolutely adorable! I love it! It is nice and roomy too, plus its a black cat... hmm I think I have two of those type of cats already. (black cats). xD So that was such a wonderful surprise in all my stuff.

Then another goodie that I found was hidden among the items... a stamp from Denmark! :D

Which is so amazing, I put it in a plastic container to keep it safe. I am half Danish (and half Mexican) so to have a stamp from Denmark is a dream, I've always wanted to go to Denmark. So I absolutely adore this little gift! <3

This was such a great start to Winter break for me! :D I need to use these lovely yarns! Now that I am done with my xmas knitting. :D Thank you so much Valerie I have adored all your gifts, and especially the hand made ones. :D

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