Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I <3 my ball winder!

I cannot begin to tell you in how exciting it is to be a PROUD owner of a ROYAL! Ball winder!!!! xD

It came a whole day early! ;D I absolutely adore it. I have re-wound skeins of yarn into cakes~ and oh they are so lovely. I have wound balls of vanna's choice yarn I have left over and sock yarn into cakes!

I need to finish Andrew's scarf soon... because 1) I am getting sick of it and 2) I am going to need to mail it out. So yeah. I just want to knit socks and other projects, like with my new sugars n cream yarn! ;D
- - -
This is a mini post, mostly because I am finally relaxing because....

I AM DONE FOR THE SEMESTER!!! :D Hellooooooo Winter Break! ;D Time to play WoW and do tons of fun knitting projects! :D I am so excited.
- - -

Plus Jimmy found this cutie and wants me to knit it for him... only issue it is in a UK magazine... so maybe I can find it at Borders or what not. xD

That would be fun to make. Plus it is knitting not crocheting like the other 'geek' items he has 'wanted'. :D Hopefully I can find the magazine issue, because I would rather have a magazine in the end verses just a single pattern (which apparently is online soon).

Time to go. :D


Jocelyn said...

I get Simply Knitting here, want me to scan it for you when I have it?

HSailorMoon said...

Oh could you?!

I was looking through Barnes n Noble to try to find it, but they are wrapped up so I cannot look inside the editions.

Could you please?! My boyfriend would be indebted to you. ;D (as would I lol) That would be wonderful! Thank you