Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ball winder! Oh my!

Guess what I bought today! xD


It's from Joann's... I am not sure if it is a Royal brand. However allllllllllllllllllllllll the reviews are great for this.

It also helps that I had a 50% off coupon for this! ;D So it came to 25 bucks and 7 for shipping... 33 dollars total.

I am excited to get it, it says 5-10 business days.
- - -

Yesterday I went to Lane Bryant for clothes shopping with my mom, my dad, and Jimmy! xD My dad wandered around the stores, while my mom and I shopped together, and Jimmy looked around and came with my mom and me for the most of the time. xD (Thank goodness he has his iphone lol to keep him entertained, now if only I could teach him to knit instead lol jk jk)

We bought 500 dollars worth of clothing~ and only spent 178! xDDD Sooo great. It was a buy one get one free sale, plus a 10 dollar texting coupon I had, and then 15% for applying for a card. xD Such a great deal.

I also got a new target lamp~ it is sooo pretty 5 lamps, one pole and it is pink, light pink, off white pink, white, and a light brown lamps~ xD Sooo pretty. Now I will have even more light in my room! xD Amazing. It was at the Goodwill, lol seriously. They have BRAND NEW Target stuff!!!! When Target pennies out stuff they give it to the goodwill~ xD lol I even bought pretty new nice condition American Eagle flats lol.

Then I am able to buy a ball winder~ ah so great!
- - -

I also have a hugeeeeeeeeeeee Sears bag filled with gifts for the school donation by the front to bring to school on Monday. Classes register on Monday, I am staying up till midnight on Sunday to get my classes asap. Monday is my dad's 60th birthday~ xD

Also I went through my clothes... and got rid of TWO HUGE sears bags of clothing... at least 100 articles of clothing, at least that many. It feels good to get rid of clothes that I no longer wear and no longer fit... haha I am doing 'spring cleaning' in winter~ xP Slowly I am going to re-arrange my room to fit better all around. It is still massively clutted... and I need to organize a lot of it. <3><;;;;;;

Oh and then I got cute shoes! xD Plus two flats (American Eagle, and a pair at sears) that I can show off my pretty knitted socks~ xD Then Jimmy bought me some Victoria Secrets lotion~ xDD Yum~ and then an American Eagle Outfitters Jacket~ xD Oh we are so trendy lol.

It's purple and oh so comfy~ it is for me to wear when I miss him this winter vacation~ awwwww ;) <3 I will miss him but I know he will have a lot of fun visiting his family and sisters.

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