Wednesday, November 19, 2008


smoothie, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

Me and my smoothie are going to destress for awhile.

I just finished my call (about oh 20 mins ago, I had to go buy the smoothie) with my store at Best Buy.... calling in my resignation.

It sounds so fancy and polite, to resign from the position... which is true. I wish to leave it.

So after dinner with my parents and Jimmy... my mom is going to drop me off at BBY for me to sign the documents of my resignation.

Ironically... the manager that took my call was the same manager that gave me my first interview. Both new things in my world and both very stressful... but after it is done... I feel better about it. (just a bit stressed lol)

But if I am going to get into the credential program I need to take student teaching classes in the spring.... plus I REALLLYYYY want to do this internship with Lois Capps... this opportunity does not come around often... retail not so much.

-Am I still going to shop at Best Buy?! I dunno. Jimmy and Alex think its silly that I feel awkward in going to the store... but I hope... soon I can go back. Because I have to go back to upgrade my parents cell phones probably in the next month. Oi.

I will post of my lovely yarn swap pacakge~ I posted photos up on the swap forums... and the photos are on my flickr account if wanting to check.

Right now I need to go curl up and read my knitting novel and go away for awhile. Plus.. I have 20 minutes before I have to leave to catch the bus.

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