Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Brain => Destress

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I bought expennnnssssiiivvveee coffee from the coffee shop Element in the Library. $3.50!!!! Geez. However I saw the new smoothie/yogurt shop (along with the ever so yummy and cheap Subway) and the smoothies are like $4.15!! for 20oz!!!! then $5.15!!! for the like slurpiee size cup! Such price gouging! So so sad. I still have that other half of the subway in my purse.... hmmm... hello dinner? or lunch tomorrow.

I bought the coffee because I sooo needed to de-stress after my psy class. However the stress was much before the psy class.

Oh Socks, poor poor kitten Socks. She being the curious dare-devil she is... went into our neighbors yard (haha I typed yarn lol) where they have two big friendly (but to a small kitten, friendly is more like deadly) female dogs. Well.... Socks GOT STUCK IN A TREE! In the neighbors yard. She was missing all day yesterday (because if she is super hyper we will let her out to run around and burn off that energy, plus she gets annoying when she is so hyper and so we encourage her to chase the chickens or something) and was not home by when it got dark. So we were allll worried. :(

Then I was getting ready for bed when my mom told me she heard a cat screech and low and behold I run outside (for like the 5th time that night) with a flashlight and I see the dogs scratching at their tree next to our fence..... I call Alex and my dad to help me look in the tree (it was super dark at that time, like 10pm). Then Alex see's her!!!! She is wayy up top in the middle of the tree. :( We only saw the reflection of her eyes. Plus I had put her collar on that morning with its cute little bell... and so if she wanted to make a quite quick get away from the dogs... that was not going to happen. (I felt guilty omg)

We all decide there is nothing we could do to get her down, other then just let her stay up there (there were lots of leafs and branches so she was not going to fall of a branch, she was inside close to the trunk) for the night and hope that either the dogs will go to bed far away from the tree and she can get down later (there was the male boy kitten, who is a stray of the neighborhood who is Sock's male friend that was in the tree with her so we kinda felt safe that she was not alone). But if she did not get down by morning Alex and I would go to our neighbors and ask them to hold the dogs for a bit while we get her down. (even though we don't know the neighbors o.o;)

I wake up... at 1:30am... check to see if Alex or my Dad got her down while I slept... no Socks inside. So I go outside (where it is coldddd) with a flashlight to see if I could find her in the tree....and I couldn't see her. So I thought maybe she is out of the tree and sleeping somewhere to keep warm tonight (or with the male kitten). But then as I am barely dozing off at 2:30am Alex comes knocking at my door and HE HAS SOCKS!!!!!!!! xDDDD Our KITTEN!!! She was alive!!!!! Safe!! Warm!!! Purring!!!! Cute!!!!!

Alex went out with a flash light after I gave up with out me knowing and saw her and 'helped' her down with his flashlight (so she could see where she was stepping) down the tree and he was worried because she was making a lot of noise with the collar/bell and the leafs falling... and she kinda fell out of the tree towards the bottom onto the floor. Luckly the dogs were knocked out cold somewhere else, so Socks came under the fence and straight to Alex to pick up. He said she was fluffed up when he picked her up and by the time he got to my room and I was able to hold her she was warm enough and a-ok! Thank goodness!!!! The poor kitten. We seriously hope she learned her lesson! Do not go in that yard! Plus we are getting her spayed on Wednesday next week... so hopefully that will curb her 'exploring side' a bit. I am not looking forward to her recuperating
- - -
Ok have to go catch the bus now~ <3 enough rambling.

But the coffee was good, Vanilla latte... with two splendas. yum.

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