Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sock Knitting Fixes Brain

SSPX1748, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

My brain is dead... yet again. Sad but true. It died half way through my English class.

I did catch up 3 weeks worth of material for that class... and fixed my journal and everything... and I was part of the group that got called today. So good deal! I am happy that I got everything done.

But when one thing is finished... more stuff is soon due.

Two more weeks of classes... then finals week! o.o; So close yet to far.

This photo is a wip of my sock that I finished. I am working on the leg at the moment of the second sock! xD I love how the stripes match! (I had to pull out some yarn for a bit, because I started in an 'in between' color stripe, so I could match it up properly.)

- - -
I've been toying with the idea of working as an intern for Lois Capps office (our congress women for our district 23rd district)... and I am going to do it... it will give me something to do during the winter and possibly summer, heck maybe even during the spring semester, depending on my new schedule then. I need to email Vanessa... but I left her card at home and I need to work on the 'political' side of my resume (ie page 2).

My dream job would to be working in the White House.... but what about Teacher?! lol... Teaching will always be there. But working in the White house... how cool is that. I've always enjoyed politics... but I know what it entitles to be a political candidate... and eh... I like behind the scenes a bit better. But then why not be a poli-sci major?! Because I do want to be a teacher too.

Plus an added bonus with this Internship... the office is right across the street from the Navy Base my mom works at... so dropping off and picking up would be a breeze. xD (Driving has yet to be a priority still. Hmm... my permit expires March 09... maybe I should look into a bit more practice eh. ;P)

Ok I have to get going. Bye <3

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