Monday, November 17, 2008

The Lunch that should have been.

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Soooooo sad!

So I made Mac and Cheese for Alex and I for dinner last night. (mostly because he wined and asked me to make it ;p)

Then my parents came home with Jack in the Box sampler thing.

So then I thought 'oh I have to put the food away.... which container.... oh wait! I can make a lunch for tomorrow!!!!'

I throw the food in a cute little container, pack the fried goodies in with the mac and cheese.... and am super excited.... about having a cute 'bento' type lunch. (I even bought a 'bento' box from AX during the summer.)

BUT THEN I FORGOT THE LUNCH TODAY!!! It is at home in the fridge... all nice and cute. I am sooooo sad.

Now I am super hungry. Just thinking about it.... however I bought a big hot pocket from the book store this morning.... mmmm I am hungry.... I wasn't hungry when I got into class... I need to go run and go cook it.

I just miss my cute lunch at home. :( Hopefully Alex does not find it... >.>; and eat it. lol

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