Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cannot focus

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... Yet again.

I have homework to do... that is stupid easy... I woke up early... and made lunch, snacks, and got presents to donate for beta gamma phi... but did not sit and do my homework!

Heck I even sat in bed and worked on the newly started scarf, for my friend Andrew. Its Vanna's Choice in Olive... however the thickness of the yarn I used for Andrianne's scarf (in same yarn but in Burgundy) is different!?!?! O.o; Andrew's is thinner.... or something... I dunno. I am going to wash Andrianne's scarf and such to see if it will lose-en it up and make it a bit softer. So we will see.

- - -
I don't want to do my reading, marginalia, notes, and then representative letter~~~~ I just do not want to do any of the homework. u.u; I am such a baby.

My brain is all scrambled. ttyl.<3

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