Monday, February 23, 2009

Completed Socks! :D

I have FINALLY finished my Mom's socks. I started the blue wool ones a few days before Christmas. Then the Patons sock yarn in mid January.

I am so happy to have these pair of socks off the needles~

I've been making some serious progress on my Aunt Jennie's Patons Stretch Sock's. :D She has the same size foot as my mother so that works out perfectly! ;D

On To The Photos!!!

These socks are made from Knit Picks Palette in Marine Heather, on 2.25mm / 2US needles.
I've had this problem with the other Patons socks for my mom. For some odd reason... I knit the socks the same length, I even count to the same rows from the gusset to the toe decreases, so they match perfectly.

But then I have two different end amounts of the same size balls of yarn?!?!?
I don't understand. Maybe I should re wind the left over balls of yarn to see if they are the same, maybe I was tense when I was using the ball winder.

Then to the photos of the Patons Stretch Sock yarn in Olive colorway, in 2.25mm / 2US needles.

My Mom loves these socks! As soon as I put them on her to take these photos and she wanted me to keep them on! :D


What I like most is that my mother has been wearing these socks any chance she gets! She even wore them this morning! ;D I have yet to ask if she has worn the wool socks, but those are meant for her to wear at night in bed, when it is cold. :D

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