Friday, February 27, 2009

Morning Knitting

morningknit, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

I adore days off where I can just sleep in....

Then wake up and work on a knitting project... while listening to pod-casts. This pod cast is the knit-picks community site, most of the content is worth listening to... sometimes not.

I wish there were just as many lime and violet podcasts, in comparison to the knit picks... in how frequently they are posted. But either way~ I love pod casts.

I need to start finishing up some audio books I have collected from librivox.
- - -

Time to start working on Jon's scarf again... this is the last skein and I am done! I need to send this off to Seattle asap, it is getting warmer there. boo.

Then I get to start Jimmy's sack boy... in the same yarn and color (just new skein of course). Oh so much knitting to do!! ^^*

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