Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A.Jennie's Socks

This~ is the new sock that I was talking about~ I am so thrilled to have a new pair of socks to know!

Granted that I still have my mom's socks to finish~ but that is just 2" in the foot and then the decreases. I already finished one so I have my model for the other 3 socks. ;D

These are soooo pretty~ I adore the color. They are for my Aunt Jennie~ who complains that her feet are cold at night. So this is a light cotton/wool blend, so that it is machine washable. Hopefully they can keep her feet warm~ :) <3 I even bought two extra skeins for myself, so she can I can have matching pairs~ (she is getting up there in age 80+, so this is something she and I can have together~ <3)
- - -
Pattern is Tidepool socks by Mary-Heather from Ravelry.
The broken rib pattern is perfect in that it is a k1,p1 one row and then knit the next row. I know this yarn can either stripe or pool, and I do not want either really. So I am a fan, plus it has a smaller size of CO 54 which will help with my Aunt Jennie's little feet! ;D
- - -
Ok I need to wrap up, I am going to have lunch with Jimmy soon, so I best be going~ ;D

Oh and look at my pretty pretty stitch marker! I love these things! Or as it says, my needle candy lol. xD

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