Monday, February 2, 2009

Socks speaking.

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Ya know.

I heard Heather passed her Social Science/ History part of her CSET.

So that just means she has two parts left to take in her CSET.

But she is taking her CBEST this Saturday, so hopefully she will do well. That Cliff notes book has been on the floor for the past week, I know because my favorite toy is behind it.

So yeah. Kudos to Heather... maybe she will get me more cat treats, we have been kind of low recently.

Where is my feather stick... ooo better yet, I see some yarn I can drag around the house and make a mess! Fantastic!

- - -
CSET: California Subject Examinations for Teachers (3 tests of subgroups)

CBEST: California Basic Educational Skills Test (1 test, 3 sub-sections)

All of these tests are required to obtain a teaching credential... the CBEST is new, due to No Child Left Behind act in 01. They all have to be passed before you even apply for the credential program, at CSUCI.

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