Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pink much?

Pink much?, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

While I was finishing up some homework this morning at school.

Jimmy offered to get me something from the coffee shop (in the library) and I said a smoothie 101 (its a mixture of yummy smoothie fruit stuff) and he got me the large size!! I was so impressed, I decided it was 'photo worthy'

Then I thought! Oh I can also take a photo of my toe-up sock progress! :D

It is so pretty. I just enjoy staring at it lol
- - -
I wish I didn't have to write a draft for my history paper to turn in today... oh Gary Kildall... you may have died early... but you have a ton of info on you, it's nice.
Plus get some information organized about Bandura for my Edu presentation on Monday next week, my partner and I only have an hour today to meet to see if we can get it done. So we will see.

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